Hamish and Janice Wilton ­ Alterations and Additions
The Solution
Establishing the need of the Wilton's, which was basically, open easy living, indoor outdoor appeal, good bedrooms and bathrooms, we developed a concept achieving the following:

- Moved the living from first floor to ground floor to provide outdoor living to gain
sun and privacy
- Retained 3 existing bedrooms and bathrooms on first floor
- Added a guest bedroom and ensuite on a private link
- Extended and provided convenient access to the garage and new entry.
- Cut the 'Swiss Gable roof' and formed a parapet roof from within the existing framing and updated the exterior cladding and joinery by plastering the existing
masonry and stone veneer
- Running Eterside cladding in the form of parapets and columns
- Main factor was in keeping the existing dwelling intact without removal of
the existing structure